Harvest Crafts: Gratitude for Abundance

At DeeBee’s Organics, we believe in creating meaningful, engaging opportunities to connect, grow and have fun as a family. As we move into the busy holiday season, we wanted to find a way for our customers to slow down, connect with each other and practice gratitude as a family. For more on our company values and family-first perspective, check out our Values and DreamLauncher pages on our website. 

For the DeeBee’s Organics team, Thanksgiving is a special time to gather with friends and family to celebrate the fall harvest and express our thankfulness. While hosting, cooking and family celebrations can be stressful, taking this time to reconnect and practice gratitude is an important lesson for little minds. We recommend having your child help with the Thanksgiving preparations, no matter their age, while reflecting on the meaning of this holiday. 

  • Younger children can help buy stirring, cutting, rolling or assembling different Thanksgiving dishes.
  • Older children can help with more advanced food preparations or even support in making the meal’s menu!

Honouring The Harvest Season

Another way Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker and her family celebrate the Thanksgiving season is by reflecting on the importance of gardening, farming and the harvest season. 

To celebrate the final harvest of the season, here are some of our favourite activities to foster your children’s interest in the foods we eat and where they come from. 

  • Play a game where your child identifies different fruits and vegetables and learns more about each food
  • Read stories or watch educational videos on the role of farming in our daily lives
  • Learn more about how different foods are grown and harvested every fall

Practicing Gratitude

To foster and practice gratitude in your home, we love the idea of sharing questions and answers with your child to reflect on what gratitude really means. Here are some of our favourite questions to reflect on and encourage gratitude. 

  • How do you feel when someone gives you a very special gift?
  • What is one thoughtful thing someone has done for you this week?
  • Who did you thank today, and why did you thank them?
  • How do you feel when someone doesn’t thank you after you do something nice for them?
  • What is your favourite thing about your family?
  • What are three things you can be thankful for today?

For more ideas on how to create moments of joy with your kids, check out our blog!

On behalf of our families, the entire team at DeeBee’s Organics wants to wish you a safe and abundant Thanksgiving with family, friends and community.