Helping Your Kids Be Themselves At School

I am the very proud mother of two young adults, and I am continually delighted by their passions and pursuits. When you watch your children soar and fall in love with their lives, it makes you feel like you’ve gotten something right. Of course, I don’t know anyone who thinks they’re a perfect parent. My husband and I have made our fair share of mistakes, but we’ve always been our children’s biggest supporters, too.

I believe in helping everyone live their authentic lives, and of course that’s doubly true for my children.  I’ve always wanted them to be themselves, and feel confident and happy in being themselves – even at school, where this can be the most challenging for kids. Here are some of the ways I’ve learned to support them on this journey.

Take The Focus Off Grades

Learning is supposed to be one of the great joys of life. But making learning all about a report card sucks out all the joy and replaces it with anxiety and self-comparison.

Instead of focusing on report cards, try talking to your children about what they’re learning and what excites them. Praise their efforts and hard work, not just a letter they receive on a test. And help them develop all their unique passions, whether they’re what you would have chosen for them or not.

Help Them Help Others

We feel better when we help others. That’s why I’ve made giving back to the community a big part of our company ethos. It’s why I also encouraged my children to be generous with their time, by helping out friends, family, and with community events as much as possible.

Even just giving your kiddos some simple chores they can do to help out around the house can really boost their self-esteem (even if you get some eye rolls in the process!).

Support Healthy Habits

 It’s probably not a surprise that DeeBees began in my family kitchen. I’m a big proponent of feeding our families healthy, organic and ethically sourced food, and I’ve always loved involving my children in the process as much as possible. 

I believe that giving children a healthy foundation with good food, good sleeping habits, and lots of outdoor time is one of the best things we can do as parents. When their physical needs are met, they can develop their emotional, mental and spiritual selves so much easier.

Be Yourself 

You don’t have to have children very long before you realize what little sponges they are. They want to do what you do and be just like their mommy and daddy. You’re definitely their biggest role model! So make sure you’re a good role model when it comes to embracing who  you are. The more you are able to be your authentic self, the more you’ll inspire the same in your children.

The same goes with other behaviors you want to see. I used to worry that I worked too much, but over time I’ve come to realize that seeing me work helped my children understand what it takes to reach your goals. My husband and I have never once had to remind our kids to do their homework. They saw how hard we worked, which was just what they needed to enjoy their schooling and feel committed to working on themselves. 

Create A Supportive Home

School is hard. Kids are hard. Zoom calls are hard. Life is hard! We often romanticize childhood and forget how difficult it can really be. Make your home a soft space for your children. Give them a refuge from the world. Be their cheerleader and their rock, offering an always compassionate support system.

Even now that they’re older, I always put my children first. I want them to know that I will always have their back in all things, and that my love is unconditional. My biggest goal in life is that I want my children to be their authentic selves. I am their biggest supporter and will be there cheering them on forever and into eternity!