Our DeeBee’s Organics Mission

Every day, each member of Team DeeBee’s Organics strives to reach our vision of a deliciously vibrant and colorful world.

But what does our colorful world mean, and what does it look like? More importantly, why is it so important to each and every one of us?

Our Roots

Founded by mom and PhD Medical Scientist Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker, DeeBee’s Organics was created with the intent to feed families, do business differently, and create a legacy that would impact future generations. Born from an idea in her own kitchen in 2013, Dr. Dionne shares that:

As a mom, I wanted to show my kids that real food can be delicious without adding artificial colors or flavors. So I brought my PhD in medical science from the lab to the kitchen and created products I would be proud to give my own family.” 

Ever since that day in Dr. Dionne’s kitchen, our roots have always been ingrained in health, inclusivity, and joy. Today, we believe that being mom-owned is one of our superpowers!

Our Mission 

To Dr. Dionne, business has been about being a force for good since day one–a mindset that has helped us foster a healthy planet every day.

Our mission at DeeBee’s Organics is to support all kids to confidently step into the best version of themselves. At DeeBee’s Organics, we will always work passionately for a world that is inherently inclusive and celebratory of everyone in it! As a certified B Corporation, we also choose to do business differently every day and measure our success not just by the products we sell, but with the lives and systems we impact along the way. Did you know that DeeBee’s Organics was actually the first ever company to achieve the B Corp designation on Vancouver Island? 

In our eyes, being able to support everyone around us to be their most authentic selves both freely and joyfully is not just our responsibility, but a mission we are excited to work towards every day! Did you know that celebrating authenticity and fostering inclusion has been at the root of DeeBee's Organics since we first became a business in 2013?

All About Our Colorful World 

You may have seen our colorful world show up in some of the places you love us most, but what does it actually mean? 

At DeeBee’s Organics, we believe in the potential of a vibrant world where differences are celebrated, kids are encouraged to be themselves, and we are all nourished with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables straight from the earth. This is our vision of a colorful world! We believe in sourcing from farms filled with life and free of pesticides, and seek to champion food that is both fun and safe. We care about fostering an inclusive community where families can savor simple moments together and enjoy tasty treats rooted in health and joy.

To Dr. Dionne, “our colorful world not only represents the delicious organic fruit based treats we make, but represents a world where children are cherished and loved for who they are as their true authentic colorful selves!” 

When it comes to nurturing people and the earth in turn, we believe in creating organic treats thoughtfully. That’s why we’ve created products that are always certified organic and mindfully sweetened, never compromising on taste, joy, or safety for kids and grownups alike! Our SuperFruit Freezies will always be created delicious without any artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, or malic acid. 

Working towards this colorful world where all kids can confidently step into the best version of themselves will always be at the forefront of DeeBee’s Organics. We encourage you to join us in fostering our colorful world, where everyone thrives, together!