Supporting Women in Business: Dr. Dionne and Team DeeBee's Organics

Do you know what Women’s Equality Day is? You may not have heard of it, but Women’s Equality Day is a day we should all celebrate. It commemorates the 1920 adoption of the Nineteenth Amendment, which first gave women in the United States the right to vote (hear, hear!).

Today and always, DeeBee’s is proud to be a certified Women-Owned business! We’re not only female-founded, but mom-founded (our superpower!) and the majority of our team identify as women. We recognize female leadership as essential to our success, and strongly believe in the importance of championing women leaders.  

We’re here to celebrate female entrepreneurship, Dr. Dionne and the amazing women of Team DeeBee's Organics, and share some of our tips for achieving (or at least moving towards) a great work/life/school balance.

Dr. Dionne’s Journey (It Wasn’t Easy!)

DeeBee’s Organics founder, Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker, dove into business head-first after becoming a mother to two children and completing her PhD in medical science. It wasn’t an easy journey - learning the entrepreneurial ropes from scratch came with the additional challenges of not just being a female, but a a mother going into business. Early on, it was very challenging to secure traditional financing, and, despite her PhD, to even be taken seriously. 

“One of the first bankers I spoke to said not only that they couldn't fund us, but also asked why I bothering to do this," Dr. Dionne remembers. "I had a very successful husband who made a good salary. They asked me - why was I disrupting the peace?"

Fueled not only by her mission to foster a colorful world but also by the determination to show other female entrepreneurs and inventors that anything is possible, Dr. Dionne forged ahead. Today, DeeBee’s Organics has turned into a thriving business with millions of customers all across Canada and the United States! Still curious to hear about our roots? Read Dr. Dionne's whole story here!

Supporting Mothers and Working Parents

Dr. Dionne is a proud mom of two. In fact, it was her own children’s kitchen experiments that led to the delicious treats we craft today! At DeeBee's Organics, we are so proud to have several working moms on the team and a flexible work culture that supports working parents throughout each day.

“Balancing motherhood and work I think will always be a challenge - but you get remarkably efficient during nap time,” says Ashley, DeeBee’s Organics CFO. “It's great to work for a company that supports working moms and doesn’t blink an eye when you have to tend to your child.”

Read some of our stories from our DeeBee's working moms and how they manage their busy lives here!

Supporting Everyone by Supporting Women

Supporting families, women, and the community is what DeeBee’s Organics is all about. It’s why we launched our DreamLauncher program, with stock options, donation matching, and paid time off for volunteering. It also represents Dr. Dionne's passion when it comes to standing up for inclusion every day.  

Finally, it’s why we also love sharing tips and tricks for working parents and make achieving that fabled work-life balance a little bit easier! We’re big advocates and educators on how to use frozen food to save time while staying healthy, and why we love sharing things like our easy, healthy camping hacks and easy after-school snacks for kids on the go.

Ultimately, we believe that the more we support women through every facet of life, the better everyone will be. So let’s all raise a toast – and maybe a Strawberry Lemon Wine Slushie - to the women in our life!