Celebrating 2023 at DeeBee’s Organics: Our Favorite Moments

As 2023 draws to a close and the new year approaches, we are humbled to express gratitude to our DeeBee’s community for our tenth beautiful year! 

DeeBee’s has not only had an impact on each of our lives this year, but also on the lives of those in our community. 2023 has allowed each of us to not only continue to provide inclusive treats for all families, but also work towards our mission and foster an inclusive world more than ever before! 

To celebrate the incredible year we have had, we’ve put together this list of our favorite achievements and fun facts of 2023 for you to enjoy! 

Our Favorite 2023 Moments 

  1. We received over 2,000 five-star reviews across all DeeBee’s Organics Amazon products
  2. We renewed our B Corp certification for the third time this year 
  3. We learned that your favorite flavors of 2023 were Raspberry Lime and Mango Orange
  4. We took the time to donate to organizations we’re passionate about: Project Potluck, the Trevor Project, Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture, Team Addy, Women in Need, Victoria Pride Society, the Berkeley Humane Society, the Get REAL Movement, and the Okra Project.
  5. We used approximately 17,000 lbs of coconut milk in our delicious new Non-Dairy Gelato Pops
  6. We found out what your favorite blogs of the year were: Our Beyond Certified Organic Promise, A Decade of DeeBee’s, Our DeeBee’s Organics Mission, and Find Our Costco Classic SuperFruit Freezie 35 Pack
  7. We learned that approximately 2 million households have enjoyed DeeBee’s treats this year
  8. We watched 20 million people viewing our founder Dr. Dionne’s story on the TODAY Show 
  9. We learned that we have now produced over half a billion Freezie Pops in DeeBee’s lifetime
  10. We launched two delicious new products with six exciting flavors: our delicious Non-Dairy Gelato Pops and Organic Italian Ice
  11. We offset all our 2022 carbon emissions and became certified Climate Neutral 
  12. We experienced our first summer ever being nationwide at Costco US
  13. And finally, we reflected on ten beautiful years of loving every minute with our DeeBee’s community!