Never Stop Dreaming: Dr. Dionne at the TODAY Show

Did you know that becoming an entrepreneur was never in Dr. Dionne’s plans? With a PhD and career in science in hand, no one was more surprised than our founder when her path in entrepreneurship revealed itself and became her passion. 

Today, our DeeBee’s Organics SuperFruit Freezies sit in households all across North America and Dr. Dionne celebrates a decade of DeeBee’s Organics with one of our most exciting moments yet: an appearance on the TODAY Show!

Our Most Exciting Moment Yet!

Over the past 10 years, DeeBee's Organics has achieved milestones in every avenue of our business, including our recent colorful brand refresh and Climate Neutral Certification. Today, we celebrate our beloved founder and CEO’s appearance on the TODAY Show, where Dr. Dionne explored everything family, entrepreneurship, and DeeBee’s Organics–all the way back from when we were founded in 2013. You can watch the full video here! This segment tells our story from the incredible lived experiences of our founder, and speaks to how “it will always be our children who inspire us.” 

Reflecting on what it felt like to be filmed and her story watched by so many across North America, Dionne shares: 

“It was the biggest “pinch me” moment! It was an incredible honor to tell the story of why we created DeeBee's and the challenges we've overcome. Seeing all the love, support, and happiness flow in from everyone has really filled me with so much gratitude for this journey we have been on for a decade.” 

The Importance of Family 

In the words of Dr. Dionne, “DeeBee’s Organics will always lead back to family.” 

Did you know that it was her children who first pushed her to leave the science lab and enter the world of entrepreneurship? To Dr. Dionne, it will always be our children who inspire us to move mountains and become who we never thought we could be. Reflecting on our TODAY show segment, she declares:

Seeing the pride in my kids' eyes reinforces the importance of hard work, perseverance, and commitment. It's all worth it when I see so many families enjoying DeeBee's Organics. Never stop dreaming! Watching our family and team on the screen took my breath away. To everyone out there, anything really is possible!”

Dr. Dionne didn’t know it then, but becoming a mom was really what fueled her and gave her the passion to commit to creating a business for the long-term. Did you know that Dionne had no prior entrepreneurship experience before creating DeeBee’s Organics? Today, our entire team recognizes parenthood as one of our biggest superpowers–you can read about our amazing Team DeeBee’s moms hereLooking to learn even more about our roots at DeeBee’s Organics? Don’t forget to explore how our SuperFruit Freezies came to be and this behind-the-scenes look into the first ever DeeBee’s Organics Story!